Improve reading levels and exam results for all your students
Enhance balance, coordination and rhythmic skills

School Tested, Teacher Approved

The Movement Program for Schools


The Movement Program was developed in conjunction with leading primary and secondary schools in the United Kingdom to make it easy to implement with the greatest impact upon reading, attention and exam results.

Developed and tested over the course of a decade, TMP is now available to any school, anywhere.

Easy to Use

Simply log in and click ‘play’ on the video for that day; your students follow the on-screen movement activities for 15-20 minutes, five days weekly, and after 12-weeks experience the benefits of new found learning abilities for a lifetime.


It is very exciting to see students’ focus, and witness the impressive progress that children of all abilities make in their reading ages.

– Clare Bradford, Henbury School, Bristol

There is now a large amount of evidence showing the power of movement and rhythm to improve learning outcomes. TMP was developed by specialists in movement and learning to enable you and your pupils to benefit without years of training to understand sensory processing.

Two Unique Ways to Upgrade Your Students Learning Abilities

At School
Use The Movement Program within school. No equipment is required. You can use a usual classroom space with no modifications, all you need is an internet connected device with a smartboard or video monitor.

  • Whole class learning
  • Reading difficulties instruction
  • Nurture group
  • Single student in accordance with Individualized Education Program (IEP), and Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

After School
Add The Movement Program to your virtual learning environment.

  • Students complete the program as an extra-curricular activity
  • Parents pay for an individual home program

How Do I Access TMP For My School?

Contact The Movement Program, LTD. to discuss your individual needs.

P: 0044 (0)1422 200818


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