Our Forever Home…

Some of you will know by now after reading My Story So Far… that the business started in Ossett, moved to larger premises in Castleford, which we discovered was way too big for my venture so we downsized again, finally settling our roots in Wakefield, which is where we now pick up from where we left off.

After our move two years ago, October 2018, from Castleford we have now settled down in ‘just the right size’ factory.  It means less exercise for me after walking around a 10,000 sq/m warehouse to just about half that size, I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing though?

I am currently in the process of designing a new website, which is a work in progress.  It is not a quick fix as I am slowly finding out.  Watch this space!  It should be fully up and running by 2021.

A lot of our business is by word of mouth and we recently did a job for an infamous hospital in London, which was a very satisfying and rewarding job.  Our clients range from big distributors to fitters and to ‘Joe Bloggs’, ordering direct from their sofas at home.  Very rarely do we get to the see the ‘end results’.  If you order from us, we would be grateful for your testimonial together with lots of images, especially before and after pictures.  It would be great to see how our doors look in our customers’ homes and be able to showcase these to all of our customers online.

This has been a most positive move towards a brighter future, both the move and the upcoming new website.  We will continue to manufacture kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms doors and accessories in our new factory.  I am optimistic that Millennia Park in Wakefield will be our forever home?


For all of your curved needs why not visit our sister company click on:  www.CurvedDoorStore.co.uk






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